Every Result - Positive or Negative - is born in the Mind

We Transform Results through Mindset Change

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We address the 4 mindset problems that prevent professionals from growing and contributing at the level of their potential:

1. Weakness of Attention

2. Poverty of Imagination

3. Poor Personal Leadership

4. Over-focus on Self


The uniqueness you have within you.  


To Improve the Lives of others.  


Life at its fullest.  

Finally, proven strategies to help you rise above the noise

This isn't a hype-up session or therapy session. 

This is about giving you proven practical strategies...to get your mind in the right place for better results.

These are innovative, heart-centered strategies, that work.  They have been tried and proven with leaders in North America, South America, Africa, and Europe.  

Marco Lopez has helped clients multiply their income, reach seemingly impossible goals, transform their personal appearance, overcome fears, and achieve higher levels of overall joy and satisfaction through Mind Optimization. 

Here's what clients are saying about Mindtune:

“I doubled my income within 6 months of working with Mindtune.”
—Dana Shepard, owner of multiple businesses

“I've achieved huge goals in a fraction of the time I thought possible.”—Jeff, Insurance Sales Leader

"I love the class!  I'm seeing I need it more than I ever imagined."—Kristi, Financial Planner

"With all the craziness going on right now [with Covid-19], we are grateful for what this course has taught us about navigating uncertainty."—Ronny, Health Coach

"As a result of working with Mindtune, my blood pressure has not only improved, but it’s back down in the “GOOD” zone, and my sleep has been “Wow!”  Lezlee Whiting, Custom Fit Specialist, UBTECH

“My life is different now after taking this course! I used to experience high levels of anxiety, and I don't anymore.” —Cathy Halls, Insurance Sales Professional

 “I was praying for something to help me in my life, and this course was the answer!”  —Ivett, Fitness Coach

"I'm usually anxious at this time of year, and I'm not at all anymore.  I've been highly productive.” —Scott, Tech Entrepreneur

“I have found a ton of value in this class.  Any professional is lucky to be working with Marco.”— Cody, CEO of Electric Company 

"In less than two months of classes with Mindtune, I've achieved more than in two years of working with psychologists.  These classes have helped me quiet my mind and discover the peace I was looking for."  Antonia Andrade, Fitness Coach

About the Founder

Marco Lopez, founder of Mindtune, is an international high performance Coach and expert at helping professionals innovate and overcome fears.  He works with clients throughout the world in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  He and his wife have five kids between the ages of 8 mo. and 14 years.

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Mindtune is developing leaders all over the world.

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