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Improve your overall capacity by shedding excess thoughts!


Focus, Clarity and High Performance Workshop

Fear and anxiety levels are at all-time highs, with mental noise levels making it harder than ever for professionals to concentrate.  After decades of research on success,  we have developed powerful mental tools to address these challenges, which have already been proven throughout the U.S. and Brazil. Now it’s your turn to learn and understand!









Transform Your Performance Through Focus

If you are an entrepreneur-minded professional seeking to improve clarity and confidence, this workshop is for you!



Improve your ability to focus on what you want, to the exclusion of outside distractions. 


Improve your overall mental clarity, and ability to maintain the BIG PICTURE, regardless of circumstances. 


Improve your Overall Performance, by defeating the mental barriers that otherwise stand in your way. 

"I wish I could scream from the rooftops how much EVERYONE needs Marco's Mindtune course. We live in a time of uncertainty and it would be easy to live in fear and worry. Because of Marco and his expertise, I can honestly say that no matter what is happening around me, I no longer let it control me and keep me from feeling joy, happiness and peace. My business and life have drastically improved because of Marco!"

Carrie Harris
President, Aspire Worldwide

"Marco is a top-notch coach. He is insightful and empathetic and has helped me to see and move past a few places where I’ve been stuck in my business. Things Marco and I have talked about have definitely helped me to quiet the mental noise and find greater clarity. I highly recommend coaching with Marco if you are a leader, entrepreneur, or salesperson who is looking to take your business to the next level."

Brilliant Miller
Founder of the School for Good Living

"I had recently become self employed when I met Marco. He helped me to understand the power of goals and my mental state. He told me that if I do coaching with him I'd have to look back through a telescope to see where I started. It has been 2 years since I finished working with him and I still use principles he thought me and have experienced 300% growth with my business. Much of that growth is thanks to Marco and Mindtune!"

Jeff Christofferson
Satellite Sales Leader, USHEALTH Advisors

"I doubled my income within 6 months of working with Mindtune."

Dana Shepard
Founder, Concrete On Site Express

"I'm usually anxious at this time of year, and thanks to the Mind Optimization course, I'm not at all anymore. I've been highly productive."

Scott Harward
Founder, Journicity

"In less than two months of classes with Mindtune, I've achieved more than in two years of working with psychologists. These classes have helped me quiet my mind and discover the peace I was looking for."

Antonia Andrade
Fitness Coach, Beachbody

"With all the craziness going on right now [with Covid-19], we are grateful for what this course has taught us about navigating uncertainty."

Ronny and Lisa Wood
Health Coaches, Optavia

"My life is different now after taking this course! I used to experience high levels of anxiety, and I don't anymore. "

Cathy Halls
Art Instructor

"Mindtune opened my eyes to see things in a different way. With the videos and training, I was able to learn where my mind runs away and how to get it back on track. I am grateful for Mindtune and the tools it provided me to improve my thinking."

Ryan Tuttle
Insurance Agent, Farm Bureau

"As a business owner, I always had trouble with working on the business and not in the business. Marco taught me better techniques for leaving my worries behind, and now I can make decision without loosing sleep at night and better lead my company."

Mark Walkenhorst
Owner, Flat Top Bookkeeping

"Marco is so personable and really cares about the people he is working with. I always had a challenge with keeping my mind from racing and worry. Marco taught me better techniques for calming and focusing my mind, and now when I have concerning thoughts, I can focus on the right things and let go of what is not serving me."

SuzAnne Jorgensen
Life Coach

"Mind Optimization is an extremely powerful course that provides a framework for understanding our most intimate relationships."

Kevin Plummer
Owner, KAP Financial Analysis & Valuation Services

Transforming Professionals Around the World

About the Workshop

Prepare to LEARN and TAKE ACTION

This class will benefit anyone who would like improve their ability to improve mental clarity in their work.  Groups we mainly work with include:

  • Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders
  • Managers, especially Multi-Hat Managers
  • Any Customer-Facing Employees

Understand Leadership Vision: 

Understanding the difference between tunnel vision and the mind of the leaders that can adapt to changing and uncertain circumstances.  

Understand your 2 Minds:

Understanding that you have two minds (your conscious and subconscious minds) and how to best use each gives you outstanding leadership power and freedom.  

Decide What You Want:

Most people don't stick with a goal long enough because they don't set the right kind of goal.  We will show you how to set goals in such a way that you stick with them.

Understand Difference Between Noise and Signal

Noise includes notifications from our devices, our overloaded emails, our never-ending to-do list, but there is much more.  You will better understand how to distinguish between noise and positive signal.  

How to Do the Work

You will learn about what it really takes to improve your thoughts, feelings and and actions in order to get results and achieve your goals. 

How to Anchor your Mind

Your mind is like an unruly horse that tends to run wherever it pleases, unless you keep hold of the reins.  You will learn how to better care for your mental machine. 

Intro to 4 Key Connections:

You will learn 4 key connections that you will want to prioritize in order to maintain better control over your mind.  

A Clear Assignment:

You will receive a clear assignment (10-day challenge) to help you implement what you've learned, strengthening your clarity and focus.

2 hours of Training: The training will last 90 minutes, with 30 minutes following the training for Q&A.  This training will be conducted via Zoom.  

PDF Summary Document: Mindtune will provide you with a summary document explaining in written form the main ideas from the training. 

Access to Training Recording: You will be given access to the recording of the live training.  

10-Day Challenge: This course will come with a specific 10-Day challenge in order to implement what you have learned, and to empower you for breakthrough experiences.  

A Certificate of Completion: Those who attend the training will receive a certificate of completion as proof that they attended.  

If you live in Utah, contact your local Custom Fit office. They might be able to reimburse a portion of the cost for this training.

If you are not completely satisfied with your experience in this course, we will provide you with a full reimbursement, no questions asked!  

Focus, Clarity and High Performance Workshop

Nov. 20, 8-10am via Zoom




  • 2-Hour Live Online Workshop
  • Recording of Workshop
  • PDF Summary
  • Bonus 10-Day Challenge

About the Trainer:

Marco Lopez is an International High Performance Coach recognized for his strategic thinking and expressive results in both individual and Corporate Mindset change.   

Founder of Mindtune and Co-Founder of World Customer Economic Science, he is helping professionals and organizations in the US and Latin America grow and improve through the CX+ Mindset.

He has been mentored by some of the biggest names in Mindset Change, and has experience working in several of the most successful Startup Companies in Silicon Slopes.
Marco is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
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