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The most specialized course for helping entrepreneurs and straight-commission Sales Pros overcome mental barriers and GET RESULTS.  

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Learn How to Quiet Mental Noise

One of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs and sales pros is maintaining mental clarity in spite of uncertainty. Learn advanced strategies for quieting mental noise in order to lead with optimal focus, confidence, and clarity regardless of your outside circumstances.

Most people now are anxious and fearful. What are YOU deciding?

 World changes are coming at us daily -probably more than any of us have ever experienced. 

If you look outside, the masses are in panic mode, filled with worry doubt and fear.  

Most people are simply reacting to everything going on outside, unaware of any other option.  But YOU don't have to be this way. 

Eight years ago, Marco left a successful career at Qualtrics to pursue a much less certain entrepreneurial path to help people on a more personal level.  Through a strong desire, and after many failures, much persistence, and learning from many of the world's best, he has developed expertise at helping people optimize their minds for success. Three years ago, he started Mindtune to help entrepreneurs quiet mental noise and confidently pursue their dreams.  

He has since helped over 100 entrepreneurs improve their results. 

Entrepreneurs and straight-commission sales pros most benefit from Mind Optimization, because their success depends on their ability to keep their minds right in spite of uncertainty.  

In today's world, however, not only entrepreneurs, but nearly every professional's success is dependent on their inner ability to think forward and move forward in spite of uncertainty.  Eric Hoffer, an American Philosopher, stated:

In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves beautifully equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” 

We must adapt to the changes.  YOU have a choice in this changing world. While most people go into recession mode, there will be a minority who discover and take advantage of all kinds of new opportunities. Mind Optimization includes advancing confidently in a teachable way, in spite of uncertainty.  


Could it be time for you to make a significant change?

Have you been less than your best lately? 

Perhaps you've been letting what's going on in the outside world negatively affect your confidence and leadership at work and at home.  

For too long you've relied more than you should on outside factors for your stability, and something tells you now is the time for you to take the reins of your success for the benefit of those who are depending on you.

They need you to lead with clarity and confidence.  You cannot afford at this time to be filled with worries, doubts and fears.   

Could now be the time to let go of old ways of thinking, and make some crucial changes? 

These changes depend on a simple DECISION that you must make.  You simply need to decide that things are going to be different, and this will involve letting go of many excuses you've been holding on to.  Your future is depending on it. 

Could there be a faster and more effective way to activate your potential?

Imagine that there was a better way of using your Mind that transform every result in your life.  

You've been trying to change for years, but could it be that you've been trying to change on the surface level, without going deep enough?

The root of every result you are getting today lies in your mindset.  Yes, you've been creating those results through your general attitude towards life. 

What if you could begin today to learn a different way of thinking that would change everything? 

Hundreds of people from from Business owners to moms to straight-commission entrepreneurs have seen huge life transformations by going through this process.  It has been tested and proven with professionals in North America, South America, Africa and Europe.  

Think about it!  What if you could make significant changes at the deepest level that positively impacted all your results?

Are you open to exploring a new process?  Are you ready to let go of doubts and fears and step into an entirely new level of confidence, that is not dependent on outside circumstances?

So, what exactly is Mind Optimization?

Think about the last project that you accomplished successfully.  About how many thoughts did you think in this process?

Now, I want you to ask yourself, what percentage of all these thoughts were really productive towards achieving your end result?

If you are like most people,  the percentage of productive thoughts was low.  You probably spent too much time over-thinking, doubting yourself, sorting out inner conflicts, and getting completely distracted from the task at hand.

Mind Optimization involves raising your thinking to an entirely different level, where you are above much of this noise and struggle.  At this higher level, you enjoy a clearer, bigger-picture view of yourself, of other people, of your surroundings, and of your source of power.  At this higher level, you enjoy better access to wisdom beyond your own for dealing with any unforeseeable challenges.  Calmness replaces Fear, and your capacity to serve and lead others soars. 

Mind Optimization feels like you are living, performing and achieving at an extraordinary level you never dreamed you were capable of. 

Mind Optimization feels like you are consistently growing

As you optimize your mind, you let go of worries, doubts, fears, excuses, and other unnecessary thinking that have previously weighed you down.  You feel inspired by a greater purpose, fully responsible for your choices, engaged in helping people, and mentally free to enjoy the beauty of the earth and the deeper meanings of everything you had previously been missing.  

You feel like every day is passionate, creative, and fulfilling.  You find yourself consumed in helping others and much less worried about yourself.  It's a whole other level of living.

You certainly won't become perfect, but you'll discover new solutions for releasing much of the mental clutter that had previously been distorting your entire life experience.  Imagine starting to dream again!

Your current struggles just might be the perfect impulse to make a big, positive change!

Although we usually think of pain as a bad thing, it can often leads us to positive change.   

Have you been feeling overwhelmed with your many responsibilities?  Have you felt frustrated in your relationships? Have you felt powerless to change your circumstances? 

You definitely have the power and the ability to change your circumstances.  You simply need to discover a higher level of thinking that helps you rise above the difficulties you are experiencing.  There is a path, and perhaps you are more ready now than ever before to discover it!

It's time to stop complaining, and get focused on the cause that will lead to the desired effect you want.



Finally, proven strategies to help you rise above the noise

This isn't a hype-up session or therapy session. 

This is about giving you proven practical strategies...to get your mind in the right place for better results.

These are innovative, heart-centered strategies, that work.  They have been tried and proven with leaders in North America, South America, Africa, and Europe.  

Marco Lopez has helped clients multiply their income, reach seemingly impossible goals, transform their personal appearance, overcome fears, and achieve higher levels of overall joy and satisfaction through Mind Optimization. 

Here's what clients are saying about this program:

“I doubled my income within 6 months of working with Mindtune.”
—Dana Shepard, owner of multiple businesses

“I've achieved huge goals in a fraction of the time I thought possible.”—Jeff, Insurance Sales Leader

"I love the class!  I'm seeing I need it more than I ever imagined."—Kristi, Financial Planner

"With all the craziness going on right now [with Covid-19], we are grateful for what this course has taught us about navigating uncertainty."—Ronny, Health Coach

"As a result of working with Mindtune, my blood pressure has not only improved, but it’s back down in the “GOOD” zone, and my sleep has been “Wow!”  Lezlee Whiting, Custom Fit Specialist, UBTECH

“My life is different now after taking this course! I used to experience high levels of anxiety, and I don't anymore.” —Cathy Halls, Insurance Sales Professional

 “I was praying for something to help me in my life, and this course was the answer!”  —Ivett, Fitness Coach

"I'm usually anxious at this time of year, and I'm not at all anymore.  I've been highly productive.” —Scott, Tech Entrepreneur

“I have found a ton of value in this class.  Any professional is lucky to be working with Marco.”— Cody, CEO of Electric Company 


Lesson 1: A Sure Path to Growth - A Sure Path of Continuous Growth includes a forward-moving path through 4 essential connections. Here Marco introduces the 4 essential connections and asks you to make a decision.      

Lesson 2: Connection to Nature - The noise level in the mind is the lens through which you see the world.  This lesson introduces tools that improve overall clarity for each of the other connections in this section, teaching you how to keep your mind at its optimal level for performance and productivity, in spite of outside circumstances.

Lesson Three: Connection to a Greater Purpose - In order to steadily navigate forward in these changing times, you must be driven by timeless principles and an idealistic vision.  Here Marco reveals leadership secrets for thinking at higher levels, while staying grounded to the facts at the physical level. 

Lesson 4: Connection to Self - This lesson reveals the secrets to discovering your mission, purpose, and passion, as well as the secrets of confidence.  It covers your role in your results, encourages full authenticity, and going all out.

Lesson 5: Connection to Others - Reveals powerful secrets for working with and leading other people. This awareness is as essential for effectively working with others, both at work and at home.  These principles quiet the mind for higher productivity and greater enjoyment in every aspect of life. 

Lesson Six: Fusion of Personal and Work Life -For optimal productivity in both work and life, it is essential to discover a common vision between both.  This lesson brings together all the previous concepts into one clear overarching vision. 

Overcome Fears

Learn powerful tools to prevent fear from getting the best of you.  Replace your fears with calmness of mind. 

Improve Confidence

Understand the constants to which you can anchor yourself, which will keep you confident.  

Learn to Adapt

"In times of rapid change, the learners inherit the earth." Adapt and seize your best opportunities.  

About the Founder

Marco Lopez, founder of Mindtune, is an international high performance Coach and expert at helping entrepreneurs innovate and overcome fears.  He works with clients throughout the world in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  He created the Mind Optimization System for helping entrepreneurs navigate uncertainty. He and his wife have five kids between the ages of 3 mo. and 14 years.

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