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Our Philosophy

We believe that the potential we have as teams and individuals has no limits.  We as individuals or as members of a team are the ones who set those limits. Maybe you’ve experienced moments when you have felt in tune - when you were living in harmony with your potential.  You felt like you were at your very best.
When you or your team are not operating at your best, you are simply out of tune.  You are out of alignment with your potential. There are many parts of you, and all of these are a part of your marvelous MIND.  All need to be in tune or your results and the way you feel will be negatively affected.  The same principle applies to a team. We help you get in tune, in order to maximize your results.  We help you Mindtune.

We help you with:

Team Building

We help team members expand their vision of the team's potential and realize they can only get there by working together. 

Mind Optimization

We empower individuals to release the unnecessary mental clutter, worry and analysis slowing them down in reaching their goals.   

Thinking Into Results

We coach team members through changing the deeply-set mental paradigms preventing forward progress.  

Choose the Modality that Works Best

Every training is customized to the specific needs of your team

Ropes Course Experience

People learn best through doing.  We create powerful experiences at our Ropes Course that take your team to the next level.  

On-Site Corporate Training

We come and train your employees in your environment, minimizing downtime, disruption and expense.  

Online Training

Convenient Video conferences that educate, engage, and hold learners accountable for implementing.  

"At the ropes course, we saw everyone being more human. We are not robots, and we can’t expect perfection. When we left, we left with a whole different mindset, realizing that all of us need to take a step back, and remember we are a part of something greater than just ourselves."

Omar A.
Sales Manager, AAA

"I’ve worked with many coaches and I have constantly tried to grow and improve both personally and professionally. It was no accident that I ran into Marco one day and quickly became friends. I attended one of Marcos events focused on slowing down the mind and it was excellent. It helped me more clearly identify the number one issue that was getting in my way, and gave me valuable tools to address it."

Steve C.
Real Estate Investor

"My ability to understand and influence the agents I work with is a direct result of the clarity of thought and increased awareness I have through working with Mindtune."

Jeff C.
Field Sales Leaders, USHealth Advisors

"Marco, with Mindtune, takes the concept of mindfulness to a new level. His training on "quieting the mind" is both authentic and powerful. Marco truly understands the power of a quiet mind and how to help you remove the noise in your life. I believe Marco is leading the field in unlocking human potential by silencing unnecessary noise in the mind and helping people to make critical decisions from the space of a calm mind - a mind at peace."

Landon H.
Owner, Complete Home Solutions

"The training I did with Mindtune has helped me in my cold visits as a sales professional. Previously, I’d park my car outside the business door, and I would get caught thinking, ‘I really don’t want to go in here and get that ‘no’ response again.’ Now, I just walk in and do the visit. It is easy when I apply the ideas I've learned in this course."

David Williams
Benefits Consultant, US Health Advisors

"This was an exceptional course, so relevant to the kind of work we do. On a personal level, I was able to better understand and assimilate how my mind works and apply that knowledge to various aspects of my life, and not just work. We need to learn to work with “cool minds” in order to resolve heated issues."

Aldo Monjardin Diaz
Regional Commissioner, Guadalajara Police Dept.

"I was really down in my business, and I talked to Marco. He helped me get in to the right mindset, to make the decisions that increased sales by 30% the following month."

Trent Willemin
Owner, Campus Tire Pros

"We hired Marco as our keynote speaker for the 4th Quarter Business Development Seminar, where he taught 60 professionals how to optimize their thinking and effectively got us all out of our comfort zones. He kept everyone engaged and involved through a fun mix of activities, left us inspired, and he even sang a surprise inspirational song at the end. We loved it and he exceeded our expectations on every level."

Joel V. Brown
Executive Director, Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce

"I really enjoy working with Mindtune. I have worked with several other mentors and I really appreciate Marco's personal touch. He works one-on-one and is hands on which has really been helpful for me. I have felt like we have gone deeper faster, and I am moving forward on the things that I really need help with."

SuzAnne Jorgensen
Financial Coach

Ready to Take Your Team to the Next Level?

Get In Tune

Get your team paddling in the same direction and each team member decided on jumping all in.  

Get Connected

Get your team members connected with each other and with themselves, awakening deep individual and collective potential.  

Improve Results

Just watch personal job satisfaction, teamwork, and results in each key performance indicator soar.  

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