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NOVEMBER 18-20, 2019









Speakers / Trainers

Bob Kittell

Internationally-Renowned Speaker on Memory, Mindfulness, and the Power of Human Connection. 

Aimee Walker Pond

Through her "No Excuses Mindset" became an Olympic Level Gymnast, in spite of being completely deaf and blind in one eye.  

Marco Lopez

Mindtune Founder, Business Coach, and developer of the Mind Optimization System.   

Dr. Clayne Robison

Professor of Opera and author of the book,“Beautiful Singing”, drawing parallels to Beautiful Living.

Dr. John Sanders

Innovative Family Physician, focused on optimizing overall wellness.  

Carrie K. Harris

Specializes in improving employee engagement by aligning businesses with a greater purpose. 

Professionals LOVE Mindtune!

Hear what people are saying about past Mindtune Trainings for mindfulness, leadership development, and empowerment.


If your people aren't happy, your organization is not thriving.  


Are you seeing:

  • Low Engagement?
  • Conflict and Tension in the work environment?
  • High Turnover?
  • High Absenteeism due to Illness, Anxiety, Stress or Depression?
  • Low Morale?
  • A Mediocre Culture?

Why are people less than happy in the workplace?

We will explore the hidden connections that every person needs

And equip you with powerful and practical tools to help you and your people become their very best selves, so your company can improve in:


Develop greater self-awareness and understanding as leaders


Get your people more clear-minded and enthusiastic at work


Help your people become a part of your vision as leaders


Give your people what they need to come to work every day as their best selves

You will experience...

A dramatic boost in your personal and professional leadership through:

  • 17+ hours of FUN and ENGAGING world-class leadership and mindset training.
  • A refreshing retreat, allowing you to step away from the day-to-day work and return with improved vision and mental clarity. 
  • A unique and proven transformational process that will get you connected in the 4 areas that make the biggest difference in your professional fulfillment.
  • Reflecting, Processing, and Completing personal implementation strategies.  
  • Useful tools, processes, and insights for improving motivation and reducing stress and anxiety.
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Event Single Registration


$150 : Covers a 2 night stay at the Zermatt Resort and 2 meals on Monday & Tuesday and breakfast on Wednesday.

$449: Tickets to the 2.5 day Mindtune training event.

Option to get a $200 reimbursement with Custom Fit. Contact us to learn more.


Event Registration Without Hotel Stay


If you live in the area and prefer commuting instead of staying at the resort. Includes 2 meals on Monday & Tuesday and breakfast on Wednesday.

Option to get a $179.60 reimbursement from Custom Fit. Contact us to learn more. 


Single Day Registration


Can't make it to the full event? Come stop to catch one of the three days cram-packed with training on how to quiet the mind. Includes 2 meals.

Option to get a $79.60 reimbursement from Custom Fit. Contact us to learn more.


Schedule Overview

The Summit will take place at the Utah Zermatt Resort, located at 784 Resort Dr, Midway, UT 84049

Monday, Nov. 18

8:30: Breakfast (Provided) and Registration


Marco Lopez: Optimizing our Minds for Learning Success

Bob Kittell: En-Lighten Up - Stress Less to Success through memory, mindfulness and human connection.  

12:00-13:00: Lunch (Provided)


Dr. Clayne Robison: Beautiful Singing: Not Just For The Chosen" and The Power of Forward Flow.  

Marco Lopez:

Identifying your "Noise"

Weighing the Costs of Mental Noise

The Law of Cause and Effect

17:00 Dismissed

Dinner on your own

Enjoy the Zermatt Amenities as you process what you've learned.  

08:00-09:00: Breakfast (Provided)

09:00-12:00 Training

Marco Lopez: The unexpected solutions to quieting mental noise.  

Connection to Self and our own "Impossible Dream"

Aimee Walker Pond: Overcoming Barriers to Success through No Excuses.

Connection to Others: Getting over ourselves and connecting to other worlds.  Without others you are stuck.

12:00-13:00 Lunch (Provided)

13:00-17:00 Training

Marco Lopez

Connecting to Nature - The Secrets to Happiness.

Acknowledging the Gifts of the Present

Your Propeller:  Without it, you can't do anything.  

17:00 Dismissed

Dinner on your own and Enjoy the Zermatt Amenities

08:00-09:00: Breakfast (Provided)

9:00-9:30 Marco Lopez-the Global Rewards of Quieting Mental Noise

 9:30-10:30 - Dr. John Sanders: Other Names for Noise and its effects on overall wellness.  

10:30-11:15 Carrie Harris, MBA: What propels your business? What is your "Why"? What if your company could solve heart breaking issues?

11:00 Marco Lopez: The Symphony

12:00 Conference Dismissed

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